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Learning Spanish by reading and playing!

BOOKIDS on Jun 2021

Knowing Bookids has been a great discovery at home. I've been looking for books in Spanish for my son for a long time, and the few I've found so far are a bit old-fashioned.
Bookids has brought us a modern and fun book, but not only that. It also comes with crafts, a reading guide, a toy about the book... all to create a unique experience. My five-year-old son loved it, the package came with his name on it and he was amazed (If you have children, you'll know that it is moving to see your child so excited about a book!!)
It is a good way for my child to learn Spanish through books, crafts and games. We will continue with this subscription!


¡Me gusta mucho!

BOOKISH on Jun 2021

Perfect for discovering books in Spanish that cannot be found in bookstores. They send you recently published books in Spanish each month, sometimes even before they come out in Spain. Perfect for practicing Spanish with good readings (and the reading guide helps a lot)

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