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A hit with me and my kids

Tinned Fish Club on Dec 2021

I signed up for the Tinned Fish Club for myself but little did I know that it would also hook my young sons (age 4, 6 and 8) and even my baby daughter.
We've had a great time trying all sorts of canned seafood we'd never otherwise experience. The preparation suggestions and condiments included in each box add to the fun.
The boys are now huge fans of Russian sprats, basically in any preparation. Other favorites include:
* The Latvian salmon. Amazing.
* Sardines in any kind of oil, but especially the spicier ones, like the Porthos.
* All of the pates and spreads have been excellent.
Cod liver was a bit challenging but better than I expected, and my daughter absolutely loved it.
This is a very creative business, and I look forward to each month's box!
Alex W.

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