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Good Concept, but...

STEM Discovery Boxes on Apr 2021

My husband and I are both college graduates and he is a science nerd. Yet, we could not get some of the projects to work at all, or as expected. The directions are not always clear or detailed enough. It needs a longer format for instructions than the card to guarantee success.
We bought the Discovery Boxes as part of our science curriculum for our grand daughter who is 7. We are pandemic homeschooling. She is at the young end of the scale for this product, but since she would be doing this all with an adult, we thought the level would be acceptable. Many of the projects are not only above what she can even help with, they are also above her understand of scientific principals.
The concept is great. However, I would caution parents interested to buy in at levels where their child is in the medium to high age range suggested for the kit. I would also recommend that one adult be 'science inclined'. We kept our subscription for the school year and picked the projects we wanted to do.

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