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Worst Service Ever!!

Japan Crate on Dec 2020

I ordered the December crate on the 17th of November and received an email on the 28th November saying that my crate was shipped and is on it's way. However upon checking the tracking on DHL's website there was no update regarding DHL even receiving the crate so I contacted DHL and they said that they have not received the crate at all. Then after 5 business days I still had not received my crate, keep in mind that it cost $20 for shipping alone and it was stated that shipping would take 3-5 business days. I then emailed Japan Crate asking what the issue was and they said please allow 5-10 business days from the order date which made no sense as it had already been 3 weeks since I ordered. Another 5 business days passed and still nothing so I emailed Japan Crate again and they did not respond to me at all so I had to email them for a 3rd time and finally they responded but they didn't help me at all. I was very unhappy with the service and I emailed again stating that I wanted a refund as the service was horrible and I was no longer willing to wait. Then after that email I suddenly get an email from them saying that my crate was damaged and was sent back to them by DHL which was a lie as I contacted DHL and they said they didn't receive the package at all....

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