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Complete Garbage

Scribbler on Jan 2021

I am beyond disappointed with the terrible quality of this subscription box. I purchased this box on November 25, for a one month go, for $43.98 USD ($57.59 CAD) as part of a present for Christmas. I understand that shipping around Christmas is always a gamble, but it should have been here sometime at least in December. My package was delivered January 7, even after receiving a "your item has shipped" notification on December 10. I would give shipping 1 star no matter what the contents of the box were.
On to the box! Again, this box was over $50 CAD. Here is the contents:
-Zebra V301 Fountain pen ($2.99)
-A circular keychain that has a typewriter on it, probably $1.00 if i'm being generous.
-A tiny box of "Zee Zee's" dries fruit, which is $1.99.
-One book, "Spellbreaker" $15.00 at any bookstore and Amazon
-One fabric bag, big enough for about a jug of milk. Could be $7.50? $10.00?
-A small pamphlet with "tips" on writing cliffhangers.
-An invitation to chat with author Elise KOVA, Author of the Air Awakens series.
At most $30 bucks of stuff with half of it being the single book. There is absolutely no value in these boxes whatsoever. The only great thing would be the chat session with the author, which is set on a Tuesday at 12:00 PM. A normal work day during normal work hours. At least we got the box barely in time for us to potentially use the invitation, however...

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