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Docent Delivered CBD on Apr 2022

Update - August 2021. You respond to our reviews, that matters like duties have been taken care of, yet I have yet to see a refund. Or a response addressing the matter. The last communication I received was to send photos of duties charges months ago, which I already had. Throwing extra products in a box and ignoring answering emails or communicating, is not “addressing the matter” I’m not “salty” and am a subscriber of 3 other CBD boxes that I think are fantastic. Zero Issues. No complaints. If you want to stay in business, my friend, your company’s communication skills require a serious overhaul.
***WARNING TO ALL CANADIANS - DO NOT BUY*** my second box was dinged at the border and I was required to pay an ADDITIONAL $26 CAD on top of already steep shipping costs. This was well over a month ago. Docent Delivered asked for photos of proof - which I have emailed more than once, and they are not responding regarding a reimbursement or sending complimentary product or a free box for all the cost and trouble. Horrible.
I’ll have to Agree with Angie on this one. I will give kudos for the beautiful laminated cards and packaging. That’s about it. I received ALL samples, aside from a lip balm. Which really should be a sample in and of itself. The milligrams of CBD per container/serving are not listed. As a Canadian, I paid $22 USD per box delivery ON TOP of the cost of the box...

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