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Plum Deluxe Organic Loose Leaf Tea Membership on Jan 2021

Wow, so disappointed to find out this is a SCAM. I purchased the loose leaf tea subscription box as a gift. After not receiving any shipping info after the date that the item was due to ship, I reached our to customer service. As cratejoy is an umbrella company for individual vendors who actually provide the boxes, they have very little involvement in intervening in customer service issues. They gave me the vendor contact info and said if I didn't hear back from the vendor in 48 hrs, they would look into it. The vendor autoreplied that they were looking into the issue and never got back to me. After another week I contacted cratejoy again. They sent me through a series of steps to setup another "support" account that seemed to be an interface for cratejoy vendors to use to sell their boxes (?) with no additional information on how to resolve the issue. I gave up at that point and decided I had been scammed. Then, lo and behold, six weeks after I placed the order, a tiny mailer envelop appeared sent from "parkseed company". Inside the mailer were two tiny little packets of loose tea, maybe 2 oz. No lables, no "specially curated" gifts or pretty packaging. What a joke! I would have been much better off spending my 35 bucks curating loose leaf tea at a store. While I understand that this review is specific to the tea vendor who ripped me off, it's also for...

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