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Pastreez on Apr 2021

I ordered a 3 month gift subscription as a christmas present. First of all, let me say the product is delicious. Then, let me say that the 2nd box was "shipped" for two weeks before it was delivered. Now the 3rd box has never arrived. There has never been a confirmation email saying it was shipped. I tried contact Pastreez several weeks ago and received the reply that there had been a delay, please be patient, i should have received an email confirmation. i have been patient. There has never been an email confirmation. I really want to give this as a year long gift, but at this point I will just be SO happy if the 3rd box arrives. I am hoping that Pastreez will read this review and help me! Customer support or Customer Service or whatever it is called really needs to be a person and not a bot. thank you
PS. my 3 month order ran December, January, February or January, February, March. Either way, it is now April 23

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