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Too easy for adults

Escape the Crate on Jan 2021

Overall rating 2.5/5 stars
I ordered the 6 month/3 boxes subscription on the Black Friday sale as a gift since because of COVID-19 my first choice doesn't ship to my country at the moment. The shipping took 3-4 weeks, which is to be expected when it comes from the other side of the world and with the virus slowing things down, so no complaints on that.
I chose this crate based on the reviews which seemed good. At first I thought the bi-monthly shipping is fine since the wait time would go towards making the box better, but I can't justify it at the moment. The quality of the prints etc. is good but I think the main thing i.e. the puzzles were too easy even for the expert time limit. The three players were just under and above 30 years old, ESLs, and like puzzle games but aren't experts by any means. I'd say this is suitable for teens. It didn't really offer the rush of solving everything before the time runs out (which other escape room boardgames such as the Exit-games have done).
However I like that there's some overarching story despite the boxes being standalone and that the materials that need to be tampered with can be reprinted. I hope the future boxes will have more difficult puzzles (there are the hints if it's too hard anyway) so that it would offer more challenge and play time.

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