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Great Box of Books

Our Little Book Club on Jan 2021

Review for the 3-5 year old collection:
These books have been so much fun! I especially loved the most recent shipment. "Beachy and Me" was such an adorable book; both my daughter and I loved it so much that we looked at the back of the book and requested all of the other listed titles from the library so we could read more of Bob Staake's beautiful works. It has been so fun to get those as well and I may have discovered a new children's book for myself - "The Book of Gold"!
Also the Beatrix Potter retelling of Little Red Riding Hood couldn't have been more perfectly chosen for my little daughter who dressed up as the same character for Halloween this year. She was so surprised and mischievously delighted by the alternate ending and we have just adored Mem Fox's illustrations.
"What to do with a box" is a book we have checked out of the library many times and I was just giddy that it was printed and folded in a way that it could be built into a box - SO clever!
I had never seen the Ocean book or the one about the owls -can't remember the title right now and they're in Livia's room while she's sleeping so I can't go look for them, but they are just as delightful as the rest.
They have done a fabulous job curating such enjoyable books with great literary value and gorgeous illustrations. We will...

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