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Seller ruined the surprise

Deadbolt Mystery Society on Dec 2020

*Disclaimer* I am leaving this review prior to actually playing the game.
We are really excited for our first upcoming Deadbolt Mystery Society box, but I am upset with something the seller did and wanted to warn others- when you order as a gift for other people, you have the option to choose to notify them immediately, or you can set a future date to notify them. I set December 25th as my notify date, since it is a Christmas gift, but Deadbolt Mystery Society went ahead and notified the gift recipient on 12/7, a full 2 1/2 weeks early. The email they received was not the email I set to send out on 12/25, it was a completely separate email thanking them for joining and it completely ruined my Christmas surprise for my partner. Something to be aware of if you are ordering this as a gift for someone else- Deadbolt Mystery may email your gift recipient BEFORE you choose to, ruining the surprise. Maybe don't order it until you are ready to share the gift with someone. Pretty disappointed that this happened, as it was my main Christmas gift to my partner, and 2020 was a lousy enough year without having my surprise Christmas gift spoiled early.

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