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Worthless, Weak, and Pathetic Box!!!

Club Tac on Dec 2020

I cannot express how unbelievably poor this subscription is. I had really hoped that maybe there were some good people behind this box but I have been very poorly disappointed. Please do not waste another second deciding whether or not to get this box. It is garbage!! The box contained a cheap flashlight from China, supposedly a $56.00 value, a poor example of a magazine holder not worth more than $5, some weak magnet with Morse code, a tiny roll of cheap fire starter, disposable phone charger (extremely wasteful), and 2 impostor lottery tix to win more useless trash. What a sorry excuse for a box. I will send all of it back if I can get just half of what I paid for it. I mean I cant use any of this poser survival gear. How do you sleep at night knowing you take people's hard earned money and give them this stuff. Worthless, weak, and pathetic. And I thought there were still some good people left in America. I am genuinely in awe at the lack of integrity put into this waste of a company.

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