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Worst customer service: never got my box

SinglesSwag on May 2022

I purchased a subscription box and waited a very long time to receive the box. I never received the box I reached out to customer service customer service never responded to me and I had to get a hold of their social media team through Facebook messenger I finally got someone to respond to me they provided me with a tracking number I looked at the tracking number and it showed the Pitney Bowes was the one who had my package from single swag but it was never delivered to the United States Postal Service to begin its transit I explained this to single swag as they seem to be too incompetent to understand the tracking number and kept telling me that my package was on the way when it was not to this day my package is still sitting somewhere with single swag and Pitney Bowes. A customer service manager finally reached out to me and told me to wait a week so I did package still never arrived I asked for a refund they had told me they don’t give refunds pretty poor way to do service I say. I requested them to re-ship my product so that way I could at least get some thing for the money that I paid the company. She told me she would re-ship it she never confirmed that she actually re-shipped the product. I again emailed her asking for the tracking number twice she never responded to me I then reached...

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