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First box was great, where are the rest?

Jackie's Chocolate on Feb 2021

I received my first box of a 6 month subscription for a Christmas gift. It was a huge hit. But that is it, I have not received another box. After 6 weeks I reached out to both Cratejoy & Jackie’s. I soon received a note that my box was being shipped. Great! Except it never came. They printed a shipping label triggering the email but never shipped anything. And now my subscription says I am on my 3rd box. I reached out to both Cratejoy & Jackie’s again last week via their support email and have heard nothing. My first box was ordered 12/6 and here it is 2/14 and I have only received 1 box of my 6 box subscription. I understand that mistakes occur and I don’t judge companies when they make them. I DO judge them by how they react when they are notified of the mistake. This has been an awful experience when it could’ve been the best Christmas present ever. Maybe this poor review will get their attention. Nothing else has so far.

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