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ComicBoxer on May 2021

I am giving this company an overall rating of 1 star because of their lack of communication and availability of being contacted.
I purchased a 6 month subscription for my husband for Christmas 2020.
I get this email in May that my subscription has been renewed for another 6 months and was charged $155 and some change. My husband likes the comics but hasn’t even read all the ones he has so we don’t want anymore. I was shocked that my subscription renewed without a warning. I will say, this subscription renewal was not on my calendar, I just assumed I would get a heads up before getting charged. None the less, I was charged.
I of course, went online and canceled the subscription right away and emailed the company and requested a refund.
As I looked more and more at the company online I noticed that their online presence had not been updated in years and they had no phone number listed to be contacted. I started getting nervous I would not get my money back. I waited a few days and hadn’t heard anything back. So then I started getting really worried.
I tried contacting them via email, Facebook and Instagram.
I finally heard back and was basically told to calm myself and that I was warned the subscription would be renewing (which is false).
So the 1 star is for poor customer service and communication. Their products were fine (I am not a big comic book person but my husband...

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