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Fathers day gift from my Sons - Loved it

Creation Crate on Dec 2020

My 3 Sons purchased a project kit for me as a Fathers
day gift. Recent retired, staying home a lot during these difficult times. They knew I tried the Raspberry PI route
as an experiment a couple years ago and did not get far. I was trying to teach myself out of a book. This kit
contained all the hardware needed, UNO board, components, pc boards, LEDs , wires, everything. The online videos walked me through it at my pace. The projects were also downloadable as a PDF so I could learn off line. When I had questions, I emailed them and they responded promptly. Finished the first 2 of the 3 projects in this kit in a few short sessions and am feeling very comfortable with the coding and assembling of the projects. Will definitely order another set of projects from Creation Crate. Not sure how they provide so much for the price, but very happy with the gift and entertaining / learning. Highly recommend to anyone that is curious to tinker with electronics and programming.

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