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Terrible Variety

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. on Apr 2021

I've been subscribed to this box for 4 months now hoping that I'd get a wide variety of skulls as seen in 2018-2019 reviews. Unfortunately all I have been receiving are very common small rodent/rodent like skulls. Ex: Mink, Mole, Hamster, and Muskrat. They estimated the price on all the skulls to be in the 20s. Meanwhile I bought a pretty good sized and beautiful coyote skull at a Lewis and Clark fair for under 20 and in the same booth was a similar muskrat skull selling for 10. Overall the quality is pretty good except the Muskrat skull came to me with its jaw disconnected. Shipping is pretty ok but is continuously pushed back 2-3 days from estimated date. Variety is very lacking. Let's just say if they don't change things up soon I'll no longer be subscribed.

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