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Updated: Replacement box en route.

Seed Bank Box on Feb 2021

UPDATE: 8 days later (and after they asked me to go to my local USPS office to inquire about it - which I had already done) they responded. I have a tracking number for a replacement box. Yay!
I got this email:
I will be requesting an investigation with the USPS for possible mail theft regarding this issue. We request you kindly remove the one star comment on the Createjoy review as we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue. Seed Bank Box will be taking a full loss on this transaction and unfortunately have no control regarding mail theft,
or USPS delivery errors.
We appreciate your business
I hope they claim insurance on the package to recoup their "full loss". I tracked that box out of excitement and checked with all my neighbors and no one had their packages or mail stolen that day (we have 5 mailboxes connected in a row). There is a good chance that USPS put it in the wrong box as I ran down there to get it (again, not a neighbor's box). Unfortunately, me paying for an item that never arrives is not within my control either and they are the only ones that can claim an insurance recovery from USPS. I am glad they did the right thing and sent another one.
I LOVE the concept of this little box, but they could improve by
1: Having a telephone number to be able to call.
2: Making customer service turn...

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