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Could be better, but it is pretty great.

Oh Baby Boxes on Mar 2021

Just got my first box and this is my opinion. Honestly as far subscription boxes go this is the cutest one I've ever gotten. The packaging is precious. I only like 3/8 products so I'm going to base my rating off mostly those things. No one is going to love everything even in the perfect subscription Box. But the fact that the value of those 3 items would cost 47.99 for me to purchase myself leaves me pretty happy. I plan to give the other items a go, I'm just not very into skin care gadgets, secular affirmations, or doing laundry. I used the 10% off code and did 6 months at a time so I ended up paying about $32 per box. Overall I'm really happy. I can't wait to get my next one.

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