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Cant Wait

Club Tac on Dec 2020

my gf bought me this crate and i decided to leave a review because it was earned. The crate i recieved was a standard crate and it was ok, but i have a needed a little bit of more cooler and tactical gear for my level of survival knowledge so im getting the premium next month. The standard i believe is for people who like to stock up on gear for a rainy day or habitual hikers and campers to get them through the weekend living off the crate contents. Personally i like to blow stuff up and like to have the nicest stuff so hopefully the premium provides what it says. The customer service team is top notch and the reason for this review i had issues with shipping and i guess my gf put my wrong info in so i called them and they had it fixed while on the phone. Great company great peeps. highly recommend

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