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Excellent, Simple, High quality Book box

Book & Tea Box on Mar 2021

I can't recommend this box more. The cosiness and charm of the selections come from their simplicity. Extremely delicious snacks and teas and a wonderful book(tho I'll admit I haven't gotten too far into it yet), And my first ever Tea-Steeper which I have gotten a lot of use out of. What more could one ask for?
The only issue that I would find is the fact that despite ordering in December, I got my box near the end of February. But honestly even that I can excuse because we're in hard times and I don't know how much of that was due to me personally living in a location that might be a bit harder to ship to.
I initially planned to only have a single box and move on, but I couldn't resist renewing for another 3 month period.
Truly a great box!

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