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Avant Agenda on Apr 2021

Everything about my new Pocket sized planner and each and every accessory that came along with it made me so happy!! But it was something else entirely that made me give AVANT AGENDA this superb review and the A++++ grade. Aside from the actual items - which truly made my day (especially their customized planner inserts) it was the incredible customer service and support that I got from Niaree at Avant Agenda. She not only took the time to explain everything to me- but she did it over the phone. The care she took and patience she had with me makes it clear to me that Avant Agenda succeeded in their goal of taking care of the clientele. The care and dedication was evident throughout. The attention to detail is reflected in all the items that are available - not only in the subscription boxes but on the website as well. I’ve tried 12 different subscription boxes up until this point and I’ve never felt the need to post a review -especially one as glowing as this one, UNTIL NOW!! Avant Agenda is truly worth every penny! I highly recommend purchasing their monthly subscription. You’ll end up being a customer for life.... like me!!

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