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Not worth the price, ruined the surprise

Club Tac on Jan 2021

I purchased this item as a gift so I was very disappointed that it arrived with a blast of wording on the box that said things like - your subscription to Club Tac is here, and all things tactical, etc. It should have been an unmarked box because it was a gift. It completely ruined the surprise when my Husband found it on our porch. I specifically noted that it was a gift so I find it unacceptable. I also found the amount of items was sub par, the value of the box just isn't there. I paid a lot of money for very little. Too expensive for novelty items that I could've purchased at Walmart. And an ammo sleeve when we don't even own a gun - didn't even know what that was. I did not order the gun enthusiast box - and there is absolutely nothing you can do do "survive" with a rubber ammo clip sleeve. That is a luxury item not a survival item.

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