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How are Poo Bags "Pampering"?

The Bestie Box on Feb 2021

I'm appalled. That's the only word that comes to mind. When you first open the box, there's a card that says that someone wants to show you how much they love you... If this is what my best friend REALLY thought of me, I'd probably dump her.
1) My bestie and I decided to get these for each other. She ordered hers one day before, and it was $44. I ordered mine less than 24 hours later, and mine was $54. Cool.
2) The products were all Dollar General level garbage. Nothing of high quality. I received an eye mask (with the $1.25 price on it); I received a notepad with a calendar on it that was so cheaply made that it came unglued in transit; I received a car freshener shaped like a deer that smelled like an old lady's overpowering perfume; and I received a zipped bag which included a face mask, two different hand sanitizers, and cleansing wipes. THAT'S IT. The questionnaire asked about my likes and interests...I don't like putting on cheap eye masks, I don't like writing tiny notes on scraps of paper that won't stay glued, I don't like smelling old ladies, and I definitely don't like to be reminded of the pandemic. Isn't the point of the box to be showered with love and pampering?
3) The packaging was sad. It was supposed to be a cute unveiling, but it was just a white cardboard box, some ripped and wrinkled tissue paper, and...

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