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Happy with our box

My First Reading Club on Apr 2021

Overall we are really happy with this box. There has been a couple books that have been a little over my kid’s head (2 1/2 and 4 years old). If you are getting it for the “gift” I wouldn’t bother.
The quality of books and the activity is worth the price though. We have got sticker books a couple times and my kids LOVE them!
Note if you order mid month you will receive the next months box and then no box the next month. For example I ordered mid January and received February’s box so we didn’t receive our next box till March. This is not outlined very well and took multiple attempts to reach someone concerning this. We thought we were jipped a month when we didn’t receive a box in Feb. It wasn’t explained until later how their process on that works.
Once all of that was sorted out we enjoy our box and my kids get super excited whenever they see the box out front 😊

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