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Feels incomplete for such beautiful item

Vintage Craft Box by CoraCreaCrafts on Apr 2022

I was so excited to get this box and it got here extremely fast!! No complaints there at all! I ordered a separate sheet of stickers and paper pack that all came together in my box so at first I thought it was part of the box, but realized for $30 dollars I got one wooden stamp, 6 small sheets of clear paper or stickers I’m not sure, a mini wax seal and two washi tapes and my packet of tickets were bent and damaged! So a journaling box that came with no paper!?? I’m so incredibly sad about this! It was difficult ordering and I felt bad needing assistance so I purchased a couple extra items for the hassle and I’m super disappointed! The box just feels incomplete unfortunately! The items though are incredibly beautiful! I ordered the vintage box so I think I’m going to try the mystery box next and see how that goes! I’ve subscribed to far too many monthly boxes to judge a box off one month!

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