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Eye-catchingly beautiful!!!!

Lash Me Monthly on Mar 2021

Love Love LOVE THIS BOX! FABULOUS LASHES!! Quality lashes, cute beauty products, and that price?!?! Who'll be keeping this box!
Keep it up!!!


Wish there was a way to personalize!

Reading Tree Monthly on Feb 2021

I really love the idea of getting used library books, giving them a good home. The subscription was for my son though I trying to get him excited to read. However these selections were definan definitely not for him. The type of book was good, basic picture books good for beginners. But the curation the selections were not to his taste. They we're almost a barn yard theme, where as he is until super heros, ninjas, comedy and gaming related. I was just a little disappointed bc he was super excited too receivethe box on his name- and even realizing that the surprise was books- but his face fell a bit when he sorted thru them. He stuck to books from our home library for his independent reading time.
If you were able to individualize singe boxes or use a theme style box geared toward their interests I would purchase another subscription.
The shipping was fast easy the box arrived immediately. I was just hoping for titles that would excite a 7yr old boy.
Thank you
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