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A good fun time!

Enigma Fellowship on Jan 2021

I finally carved out some time to play The Lost Knowledge by Enigma Fellowship, and I am so happy I did! Being that this is their first game, I am impressed with the depth of the narrative and I enjoyed the story very much.
I love that they were able to stay grounded in reality, while offering a captivating tale! The “Behind the Scenes” information available after completing the game is a cornucopia of interesting facts about the geography, the characters and their customs, and the creators themselves.
There is a nice variety of puzzles that fit perfectly into the story - I was never left scratching my head questioning why in the world this puzzle (or ANY puzzle!) would make sense in those particular circumstance! The audio option was a pleasant surprise, and I could listen to the narrator talk all day long! The fact that I played this one solo and didn’t use the hints, means this game is on the easier end of the difficulty scale. However, even experienced puzzlers will appreciate the engaging story and original puzzles.
At just $22.00, Enigma Fellowship gives you a lot of bang for your buck!!! I am anxiously awaiting their second game, The Scattered Cards.

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