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Scattered Cards and The Lost Knowledge

Enigma Fellowship on Feb 2021

UPDATE: The Scattered Cards is such a different experience from The Lost Knowledge, but in such an amazing way. Love this adventure. They keep bringing the new and challenging puzzles and angles to the games. Keep up the great work!
Just completed The Lost Knowledge from Enigma Fellowship. It was great. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the puzzles were varied and very well done. They kept with the theme of the adventure and were challenging, but had appropriate leads to help along the way. The material was well thought out and helped you learn about the culture and history of the areas explored. This definitely helped immerse you into the game. I felt as if I was actually traveling to distant lands to uncover this lost knowledge. The online component of the game was very well done and I loved that the messages had the option for them to be read to you, but were printed there as well. I like to listen and read along. The difficulty was not overwhelming, but enough of a challenge to make you think and keep you fully engaged. They have an added “behind the scenes” section after you complete the adventure. I was impressed and felt fortunate to learn what was behind the creation of the experience as well as more information on the areas and cultures explored during the game. Overall this was a really great experience. I look forward to The Scattered Cards and future “enigmas” to come.

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