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Very disappointed! Not worth the money

Success Crate on Apr 2021

I’m shocked at all the rave reviews. I’ve received my second box so far. The first one’s book was absolutely horrible. I gave most of the other things away to my 9 yr old daughter. But I held out hope for the second box, and boy did that disappoint even more. They literally included an item from the dollar (yes $1 item) bin from Target in the box. It was an awful plastic phone “shelf” that there is zero purpose for unless you have an outlet high on a wall and a short cord. But, no joke we saw at Target yesterday. The book was also again not very good. I’m super bummed I wasted so much money.
The only good part of these boxes is the small paper card with affirmations. And that’s worth maybe .50 cents.
Very, very disappointing.
If you are fresh out of college or brand new in the workforce, maybe this would be on ok box. I’m certainly not the target market as I’m further in my career and have read life-changing, motivational and self-help books. There has been nothing of real value in my boxes so far.

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