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I am a big fan of this kit

Craft Kitsune on Feb 2021

First off I been here since 2018 like 3 or 4 months after it started. I canceled b4 the 10 to not get charge if paydays where or if I was interested its my right as a customer... And Liz
Give lots of hey here what in next month box so it not like you dont know. Where im like do i??? Few time I have regreated it when they sell out... But I even had bad molds bad resin and got replaced 9 times out of 10.
But if I buy feb box in Feb but I know I wont see it till march bc you buy for the next month now I could be 100% wrong but that how I think of it and im now worried about not getting it it hypes it up and then in march im like ya i want to touch it play with it make pretties.
Also liz work very hard on trying make thing for everyone try this or that... I love clay I have a bunch but there was tools I was like OMG I wanted this never bought it now I have it thank you
Also she help get the basic to get you started not hey you need to buy this and this to even use the kit. Most of it is in the box.
Ok now 1 thing I love about liz is that 2x we all every box where in her video of a tutorial of items was supposed to...

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