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The Inky Box on Dec 2021

First off, Sarah is wonderful to work with. This is a gift for my daughter who has taken up lettering, and she has mixed feelings about what she receives. The first box was full sized, and she didn't appreciate the cards. The second we switched to mini, and she doesn't feel she receives any value over purchasing at the local art stores or online, like many have said. Plus, no matter the medium, the colors were nearly invisible! The third she is even more disappointed in. It feels like the seller buys the large packages of the products and gives away the colors she doesn't like. On that note, we are canceling.
I know a lot of her (and my) expectations come from my experience with another subscription box, where for $50/mo I received $250 in items. Inky Box, and probably most of the things on Crate Joy, are not that.

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