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Good Box

SinglesSwag on Jun 2018

I ordered the Petite box, so there was less in it. It is a quality box that provides items that exceed the value paid, although sometimes it is close (which isn't necessarily bad). For me personally, the majority of the box is not particularly relevant or useful. However, there are lots of people who love makeup/beauty stuff; I would say about 1/2 of the stuff received falls into that category. The other half appears to generally be a snack and a jewelry piece. This box is what is advertised. I don't regret trying this box; it just was not a great match for me.

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Great Team

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2018

I wanted to give this box a try, so I bought a gift one first. It is a little on the pricy side for me. Although I fully believe that the products' total value exceeds the box's cost, a lot of the products in my box were not things I would typically use. That said, what I really like about this box is the correspondences from the team and the focus on developing greater joy. They send out suggestions and provided a specific plan that is, essentially, homework for you. I appreciate that because that is, basically, what a therapy session would attempt to do. I am encouraged by this box. Because of the thoughtful communication, I have decided to subscribe. I would recommend it.

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Once Upon a Book Club on Jun 2018

I haven't gotten into the meat of this box because I haven't had a chance to start reading my first book. But I really like the idea of this box. I don't know that the stuff will be tremendously useful to me, but I am hoping it will encourage me to do the reading with these incentives spread throughout the book. The box did arrive damaged.

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Once Upon a Book Club on Jun 2018

What I love about this box: it provides incentives to keep reading the book, because you want to know what is in the little "presents", but you can't find out until you reach the corresponding page. I really like that motivation. However, the books are often not ones that I would choose. That can be useful, since one should try to expand their exposure. But it also can make it difficult to want to persevere to the end. Also, although I love the reinforcement of the corresponding trinkets and the immersive experience they create, when the book is finished, I am left with things for which I need often need to find space and a use or that will just go into the closet. Still, for the fact that there is an immersive incentive to both finish the book and reach milestones within it, I do recommend trying this subscription.

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