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Made me feel like a detective!

Enigma Fellowship on Apr 2022

I loved The Lost Knowledge! I love the narrative, the theme, and overall how well thought out the game is – the hints are great, having options for audio vs text, the Behind the Scenes…all great! I especially recommend this game for beginners or as a gift because I think the puzzles are a bit easier than Scattered Cards. I really like how the narrative is woven into the game because it feels a bit like you’re having an adventure, not just playing a game.
Having played both, The Lost Knowledge and The Scattered Cards, I’m really impressed by how good both of them were considering that the themes and puzzles were quite different! If you are totally new to this type of game, Scattered Cards is a little more challenging than Lost Knowledge. Scattered Cards is also packed full of content; it’s pretty awesome how much is inside this deceptively small (and eco-friendly!) package. I love that I actually learn new things from these games too – you’re not just getting puzzles wrapped in a fun narrative, you get all sorts of bonus facts too!
The game was laid out very well, with different play options and staggered hints. You get a lot in a deceptively small package; I felt like I kept uncovering more and more content and surprises, even after I finished playing the game.
I also love that this company is being conscientious about their environmental impact, and their team is extremely friendly and responsive! I look forward...

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