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The Plant Club on Jun 2021

I was looking forward to this as I have lots of house plants and wanted to get some different varieties. I signed up for 3 months to try it and thought if it went well, then I would do a year. The first two plants came in undamaged. They are new varieties to me so that is great. The "pots" with both of those months were actually cloth sacks which I personally don't like and do not work for my house! I was ok trying one but disappointed when the second month had one too. The third month came in with a box that looked like someone kicked it around so the plant was SEVERELY damaged with more broken loose leaves than remaining leaves on the plant! I emailed requesting a substitution plant be sent but did not take detailed photos so shame on me. They wanted photos so their plant expert could instruct me as to how to take care of the plant. I have planted it and I am trying to salvage it but do not need "instruction". I cancelled the auto renewal because for $38/month, I have decided to stop at a different florist or plant shop each month and will be able to get a plant and a nice pot for less than that. I have already bought five pots for $15 (with drainage holes and matching saucers) so that means I could spend $35...

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