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Great customer service, box issues

The Comic Garage on Jun 2021

After my original review was posted, Comic Garage promptly contacted me and offered a one month refund. I am very happy that they read they're reviews, and address some of my issues. However, It should be noted on their website & in the description that they only really carry DC/Marvel comics (I had some Image, Dark Horse, and Boom titles on my list), and it sounds like they do not really carry those. I believe this should be disclosed to buyers, as it directly impacts what you may receive.
----Original review----
I tried the box for three months, and was honestly underwhelmed with each box. I didn't see my preferences reflected in the box, and felt like I was stuck with whatever random DC comic they happened to have sitting around (. Value wise, again, it was alright. I know they have to make a profit, but for 2/3 months, buying the exact same comic, it would have been 3-6 dollars cheaper to buy them off of Midtown ( and I would have actually had some control).Of the three months, only one had comics that had a value equal to the box cost. Again, they have to make a profit so I don't have an issue with it. However, as they consistently sent me comics that were way off my preferences, the box was not worth it for me. If you collect a lot of series, it maybe what you want, but for me (I have 5-8 series I collect), it...

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