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Clearly Something is Wrong

Anime Bento on Mar 2021

The first several months I was subscribed in 2020 I looked forward to every box. I really did love the items I got. I cancelled in October, because my financial situation changed. I resubbed in January and it’s now mid March and I haven’t gotten my box. I got a pre shipment notification on February 13th, but no progress since and I can’t get an answer on their Zendesk or Instagram. I’m not sure if something happened, but they at the very least need to keep us notified about delays like this. I’m patient and I would have waited, but I unsubscribed because there is zero communication and they stopped updating all their social media. If they went under, okay, but they can’t just keep taking orders they can’t fulfill. (Especially since you can only get a refund within 24 hours)

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