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BladeCity has the same stuff 30% cheaper

Knife A Month on Jul 2021

I tried reaching out to seller but no response so here I go: I got the most expensive subscription. OTF. Now I figured as the pictures they show that u wud get more than one knife. After shipping and sub cost I was at $78 or so. 1 knife. Very nice, but, I found the same one on a website for $54.99. With no shipping fee and get it in two days. They also have a subscription that is OTF for $40 a month. These guys r a rip off. And didn’t get back to me wen I went to them first. I overpaid. I paid shipping wen I didn’t have to. Thanks for nothing. In fact I think all the subs on this entire site is the same. They just charge more and take a fee. Do urself a favor and go to blade city or cobra tech website and deal directly.
I want my money back!

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