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How To Get Away With Teaching on Nov 2021

"Caitlin, I’m so delighted to receive and find so useful every item you included in this box. The theme chosen for the adorable box I received inspired me to renew my self care. As a seasoned woman of wisdom, God placed people in my midst that He wanted to be inspired by the best and the brightest. He has done that through you! I love it the intention behind your mission as a change agent! Showing others how to be prepared intentionally for our next generation. I’ve alway had a thirst for life and I have made a lot of lemonade, I start my day with chamomile tea, a squeeze of lemon to prepare for my day. I’ll say it sets the harmony of my mission to never quit, as long what I do is not about me. It’s the faces of a generation that are awe struck by what you do get away with teaching, it’s so rewarding if you do with intention, harmony and self love! 💞"

How To Get Away With Teaching on Nov 2021

"Keep your creative soul to inspire! I received my gift box at a time when I was feeling so sad about the untimely death of our family dog, Nikko. I needed me time to lift my spirit, encourage my daughter, grandson and family to embrace and cherish life’s memories. Grieving the loss of a pet is the same as any person you love. I’m so grateful for this month’s gift, the items selected were so carefully selected. My scrunchy fits perfect around my wine glass. I will never stop empowering others of what they are capable of handling. My pineapple pedicure was awesome!! My husband came in and asked where’s the rest of the pineapple? Oops !!!"

Calmness and wellness can be yours too!

How To Get Away With Teaching on Oct 2021

HTGAWT has selected products that speak to how to be ready to face a new day. Carefully selected little books have soothed my soul, from 5-Minute Energy to Self-Love! I thought I knew how to pamper myself, obviously not! It’s a new day, preparing for today’s youth. I trust this expert. Thanks Caitlin, where do you find the time? 💜💟

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