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Do not subscribe! They won't send it.

OuiPlease Box on Jun 2021

I don't know about the quality of products because I haven't received any boxes from this company. I subscribed to the bimonthly boxes back in January and it is now April, and I have yet to receive a box. My credit card, however, was charged the day I signed up. This is unacceptable. Every time I've asked customer service, they give an excuse and say it will be shipped in the next week. It's been four months now. If you're in the subscription box business, you need to actually send out subscription boxes, not just take people's money and then inundate them with daily marketing emails. I've had an awful experience with this company and I cannot in good faith recommend them. After reading reviews on other sites and seeing YouTube reviews, it seems like my experience is the norm, not the exception. Pity, because it's a cool box idea.

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