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Not worth the cost

Vacation Crate on Jun 2019

I get multiple box subscriptions per month and I reveiw them on my Youtube channel. I strongly feel that this box is not worth the $38 cost. Even though they don't disclose retail pricing on the items, if I were to guess I would put the box value at $25 if I was being generous.

Verified Purchase

Perfume Surprise on Oct 2018

The scents of this box were not really pleasing to me. I found that I did like Fever, but the other’s were too floral for me. I really hope at some point you guys are able to customize boxes, by way of a short survey of “likes and dislikes” as far as aromas go.

Loved my first box!!

Perfume Surprise on Jul 2018

I signed up for perfume surprise, looking for a sub box for perfume. I had checked out a few different box subs, and went with perfume surprise, because it seemed to be the best box for the money. After recieveing my first box I feel like its a great value! I really liked 3 of the 5 perfumes, and I really loved the jewlery surprise!! If I had one little suggestion, it would be that I wish they would have a profile for us customers to fill out, so the perfumes will better suit us in the future. While I really liked 3 of the 5 scents in the first box, there arent a lot of scents in general that I don’t like, and I feel if we could fill out a profile, PS could better match perfumes to the client. But, overall, I give the first box 5 stars, and will stick with it for a while.

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