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Beard Care Club on Nov 2021

"I didn't really like this scent that much. It reminded me somewhat of tanning lotion, Banana Boat products, or also similar to Burt's Bee's banana scented hand creme, which while it smells great, wasn't really something that I like my beard smelling right. However, it DID make my beard super soft when I used the combined methods, and with my wiry and scraggly beard, it helped to straighten it and soften it well to provide moisture for at least 3 days compared to one. I used the shampoo, conditioner, then the oil. Then I would straighten my beard, and brush the beard balm into it, following it up with the mustach wax for my mustache, handlebar region, and sideburns (my sideburns have natural curls which are very hard to tame). I would suggest including a regular beard relaxer cream and packing that with the big bastard pack though. This would help those like me with unruly beards even more, while minimizing the need to straighten every few days. Thank you so much for this product, and I can't wait to see what this next scent will be!"

Beard Care Club on Nov 2021

"That was one of the best scents I've gotten so far along with the Patriotic one!"

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