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Sunny is Our New Best Friend

Snail Mail for Kids on Jun 2021

Oh my goodness. Never before has there been a more perfect subscription box for a little kid desperate for mail. My son is the youngest of four (so already has a bit of an excluded complex), and we had to move with the army in the middle of this global pandemic - to a new state and a street with not one single other kid on it. Mail has become our primary connection with the outside world. But when a day passes and there isn’t anything for a five year old (or, even worse, when there IS something for an older sibling), all devastation ensues.
Cue Sunny, the Mail Snail. Not only is he cute, he’s the embodiment of worldly connection for my little isolated kids (and he’s brought to us by our beloved USPS mail lady - who is mom’s only social outlet, the poor dear). Sunny comes with adorable little cards and envelopes (all of which were used almost immediately), and, most importantly, a real, genuine VIP card, allocating membership to the super elite club of Snail Mail Recipients. Nothing in the entire world has ever made my kid feel as special as that VIP card does.
We are so excited for WEEKLY letters from Sunny. Waiting a month between most subscription boxes can feel like an agonizing eternity for little kids (and moms trying to find ways to entertain said kids). The perfect solution is a smaller, but still entertaining and engaging weekly subscription.
There was absolutely...

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