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Writer's Box Review

Wildflowers and Ink on Jun 2021

Update: I did receive a handmade journal in a separate package about a week following writing this review.

Overall I liked this box. It had a lot of cute items, and its obvious that some thought went into putting the box together.
The handmade journal was part of why I had wanted this box as opposed to just buying the reader subscription. So, I was a little disappointed that the notebook I received does not appear to be handmade.
I had expected something similar to previous boxes/pictures, and what came in looks like it came out of a bulk package of small notebooks. I wouldn't take any points off for that if it weren't advertised as being handmade in the description under the "subscription" section of the listing.
So far I have enjoyed the book (I'm a few chapters in), and the bookmark is super cute!
The box came with two stickers that aren't featured in the picture. I put them on a journal that I already had before taking the picture.
I haven't really used the pen too much, the sticker on it says its' a Kacogreen brand pen. It has red ink, which is fine for journaling and story writing, and other personal writing, but not really for everyday use (since most forms and things I would use it for have to be black or blue). But I've got tons of black and blue pens, so a red one isn't a bad thing.
I do appreciate the amount of care...

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Box Review

Fit Lifestyle Box on Jun 2021

I enjoyed this box. The snacks were all good.
I gave the energy drink and sleep aid powder to my husband. He did say the sleep powder had no effect on his quality of sleep, but that's not really the seller's fault. It does make the coupon a little less useful to us though, since there's no point using it for a product that doesn't work for us.
The shirt fit perfectly and is a good quality tank-top. The saying on front isn't really my style (it feels a little like saying other people need to try harder. I don't know them. Maybe they are doing their best lol, but I still wear it cause it fits comfortably) Again, I can't fault the seller for my personal preferences.
I haven't used the meditation challenge as I already have meditation and mindfulness practices that work better for me. But I would recommend it to others, it's a good way to build up to longer meditations if that is your goal (although single breath meditations throughout the day also work well). I like that t starts with a number of breaths, I feel like 5 breaths is more attainable than starting with 5 minutes, as many similar challenges do.
I feel like cost of the box is probably similar to what I would spend on the items if I bought them individually. So for me it's a good value for the price paid.

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