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Not worth $39 bucks!

Paradise Delivered on May 2021

I order a box to see what this one is all about. I receive a few other subscription boxes that I love, and I had high hopes for this one.
Upon receiving it today I was a little surprised by the size - I receive $25 dollar boxes that have more to them. Also of concern - the box was in no way sealed. Just pull up the flap and it opened - no tape of any kind.
Let's go item by item:
Violet Harper Knot Bangle - looks slightly tarnished, and it is obviously for very small wrists. Also, available on Ebay for $12 and on PoshMark for $5
Dime Beauty, Immunity Boost Roll-on Essential Oil - it's ok. I would never in a million years pay $24 for this stuff though. Maybe worth about $10.
Lariitzy Dew Pot - it is ok. I can see this selling at Ulta or such for that price. But just another gold highlighter, nothing special.
Spongelle Mani-Pedi Treatment Ser - this one just made me laugh. I buy the same thing, and mine comes with a scrubby side, as big as the box these TWO were in, for $3.95 at Harmons! Seriously, you expect me to believe these are $18!!! I by better quality and a substantially lower price - the curators need to do better homework!
Sunday Rain Crystal Clear Soap Gem - I just bought one in lavender for myself, twice this size, for $6.00 at a...

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