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Some wild beans!

Urban Organic Gardener on Jun 2021

I thought this was going to be a silly little mystery subscription for $5, but goodness! I got sent seeds for green beans and thyme. I haven't planted the thyme yet because I already have a thriving thyme plant, but I will when I have the space for more.
But oh my god the beans. I planted them in their pot and it took just about a week for them to get so big I had to go buy a bigger pot! I've grown plenty of other veggies but I've never had something start thriving that fast before! I don't think I'm an experienced gardener by any means; all I did was plant them, throw some water on and stick the pot in my window and BOOM. Beans!
I'm super impressed with the quality of this little mystery subscription and would recommend it to anyone that wanted to try growing something but doesn't really know what they're doing.

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