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Scam subscription box

Debonair Scent on Jun 2018

I started my subscription with Debonair Scent in August 2016. I did receive my cologne on time up until November's box which was very late, and now December's which still hasn't been shipped to me as of January 9th. The boxes I DID receive contained three samples of REAL cologne. The scents they "hand-picked" for my scent profile were actually really great, however on average only one sample a month was actually full, the other two were at best 2/3rd of the way filled [which is a big deal when they're only 3ML bottles]. The biggest issue I have with Debonair scent though, and the REAL SCAM is the fact that they put real product in the samples, and then offer you a discount to use on full sized bottles of the "name brand" product on their site. THESE colognes are shipped [without the customers knowledge] from a 3rd party store called frangrancex which is a TOTAL scam and only sells fake, knockoffs and for HALF the price Debonair Scent charges to ship them to you [even with the $15 off they offer subscribers]. I ordered a full sized "davidoff cool water exotic summer" from Debonair after receiving a sample of the real stuff in my first box from them. What I got was an obviously fake knockoff shipped from FragranceX which like I stated, was selling exactly what I bought for half the price...
All in all, the samples are okay if you're...

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