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CLOTH & PAPER on Jun 2021

I CANNOT RECOMMEND CLOTH & PAPER MORE!! I've always loved the idea of having planners such as {A5, Personal, Pocket, etc.} but was overwhelmed thinking of the organization. Who knew there was an entire world of people who loved to plan the way I did! With such beautiful design, styling, & aesthetic, I might add!
I received my first package from them back in, I think, March, and it has been game over since then. I am an addict, some would say. Their products are of such high quality, down to the boxes they are shipped in. I have a stack of a few to send gifts or clothes I sell in.
Honestly the way they curate the boxes is an art form. There is always such meaning and intention behind the boxes. I can never decide what dashboards to use or what colors to go with because they are all so beautiful.
As for shipping, I remain impressed by the speed and communication. DISCLAIMER: I live in Northern VA, & they are only shipping from Richmond, but nonetheless. Even the processing time is quick.
I could say so much more about this company, but honestly, you should just go try it yourself!!! You won't regret it.☺︎

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