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The ManBox on Jun 2021

My friends and I subscribed our husbands to the ManBox to start a get together tradition among the group, the men subscribed us to another box more suitable for women (obviously lol). Once a month we get together and open/swap the items we all get. It's kind of like the "Christmas pass or keep game" but we get to do it every month and it's a brilliant excuse to get together.
Okay so for $14 we honestly expected nothing too crazy, we figured the box is cheap and it's more for fun so who cares right?. STOP! The guys absolutely LOVED IT!! One box had a folding pocket knife, a refillable lighter and some other items I think an army flashlight, It was a good one! The other boxes had SUNGLASSES (YESSS) a flask, bottle opener and a travel bag!
If you're buying this box expecting $300+ items you'll obviously be be disappointed, but if you're looking for a fun box with useful items that are maybe worth like $60 it's the box for your man! LOVE THE IDEA! Fun, affordable and worth it!

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