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Horrible cheap items/not worth price

Culture Carton on Jul 2021

This box was awful. The listed prices on that little card of what you gave me is absolute B.S. “$15” for that little sh*tty dollar store flask? Yea right. The other two items were basically just long toothpicks for “kabobs” and were listed at $10! Laughable! And an apron made from the worst material ever and they had the audacity to list that at $60 lmaooo. The book, Treasure Island, is the only thing out of the package that I thought was cool but I paid a whole $50 for one book, some glorified toothpicks, a cheap MINI flask, and a sh*t apron. Definitely would never have paid the money for this box if I had knows what I was going to be getting. I don’t think you can even call it a subscription “box” because the book and the rest of the stuff came separately and wasn’t even in any creative packaging. Just the slim, cardboard box with the stuff thrown in there. All in all, do not waste your money on this box. If anything, just subscribe to the book club. But even then, I’d recommend just going to barnes & noble and buying one you like yourself.

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